Retirement is the best time to go out and explore popular destinations around the globe with your family, partner or by yourself. Get packing and enjoy ultimate bespoke experiences by heading down to these iconic travel destinations below:

  1. Madrid, Spain

A regal city with an urban edge, this classic capital has attracted senior travelers since the beginning of time. With endless museums to explore and gems on every cobble-stoned corner, it’s safe to say Madrid is alive. The trifecta of museums in Madrid include The Prado, one of Europe’s premier art museums and an absolute must when visiting the city. Madrid is always buzzing with outdoor activities, making it the perfect destination to immerse in both Spanish history and the beauty of nature.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Bringing together the fusion of western and eastern tradition, history and culture, Turkey offers a unique experience for the lost traveler. The sprawling city of Istanbul, acts as a converging point of the cultural facets of both continents – Asia and Europe, boasting rich culture, delicious cuisine and popular tourist sites such as the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi palace.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Beneath Budapest’s seamy veneer – the artfully derelict drinking dens and World War II bullet holes that still dot its buildings, there is a slick design movement taking the Hungarian capital. Aside from historical gems dotting Budapest, WAMP, the city’s largest biweekly design market boasts 100 plus vendors – designers, contemporary artists, chefs showcase their talented work. Do not miss out on paying a quick visit to the Lumen photo gallery, the place makes a good coffee pit stop while you browse the excellent selection of artists.

  1. Cordoba, Spain

The quiet Andalusian city, regularly eclipsed by Barcelona and Madrid, is actually a cultural whopper. Once a mighty Roman capital and the stronghold of the Moors, it harbours centuries old legends and traditions. Apart from the inexplicably beautiful Mezquita mosque and the exemplary intersection of its Jewish, Islamic and Christian communities, there is culture you can participate in. May travelers can catch sight of the yearly spring festival, which offers bullfighting, horse riding, dancing and ill- advised amounts of sherry.

  1. Koh Samui, Thailand

This Thai island is exotic in all ways – excessive beaches, excessive luxury, excessive beauty. Go there for the strip down, to ease city-worn nerves and all the bickering and to enjoy time by yourself or with your loved ones. Koh Samui offers so much more than its endless beaches, the range of ancient Buddhist temples overlooking the Southern coast are a must visit to enjoy a sense of peace and tranquility.

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