Qi Energy: How It Can Help Seniors?

Qi Energy: How It Can Help Seniors?


The energy of Qi is the life force that fills the Universe. Feng Shui is the art to organize what surrounds you in order to optimize the flow of this energy. The goal and essence of Feng Shui is to subdue positive Qi and get rid of negative energy. From the point of view of feng shui, the central entrance to your home and everything near it is vital for attracting positive Qi and getting rid of negative energy.

Conquering the energy of your home:

Begin by looking out the door and look at the “path” that Qi will come from the outside world to your home. In order to allow energy to make its transition smoothly, it is advisable that the road be open, decorated with potted plants or flowerpots, to allow Qi to more easily find the way to your front door. If you have a country house, decorate the path to it by placing flowerbeds or pots of flowers along it.

To help Qi cross your doorstep, make sure that the corridor in the apartment is always clean, and tidy. Bright lighting, funny pictures and fresh flowers always welcome Qi and set it up in a positive way.

In the hall cleanliness should reign. This will give you the assurance that only positive Qi energy penetrates the house.

How to prevent the loss of Qi?

The energy of Qi is in a sense similar to the nature of wind and water. It always chooses the natural direction of movement, swims with the stream where it meets the least obstacles. As well as water, it can “stagnate” if there is no place for it to move on and complete its circulation.

“HOLD” Qi:

It is very important that you not only “invite” positive Qi to the house, but also create all the conditions for the energy to stay inside it.

For example, most houses have the back door located just opposite to the front one. Qi, like the wind, can “fly in” through the main entrance and immediately leave the house through the back door.

There is one simple and inexpensive solution – to hang a hollow metal wind chime, consisting of five pipes, in front of the back door on the ceiling or on the door itself. This is a great way to keep Qi.

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